Jessica Laguerre

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Hey everyone! What you believe is what you get. I am a passionate advocate for identifying your calling and purpose early in life by the time I was 13 I had ideas for 5 companies and an idea for a church that I wanted to start and my mother had no idea what to do with. That continued as I went on to get involved with th community especially working with kids. I was an educator for years teaching every grade from Kindergarden to 7th grade. Teaching a passion and entrepreneurship a burning call. I just had to answer. So now I help girls that have that same burning pink fire to pursue the ideas that are very much so worth having and go after them with everything they got it! Innovation and changing the world isn’t just meant for others, it was meant for you too. A teacher told me once I could change world, I believed her and now I am. One girl a time! 👑